Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng (b.1993) graduated with a Master in Product design from Oslo Metropolitan University, where she have explored abstract, yet functional and aesthetic expressions in local materiality, such as spalted birch and Norwegian blue clay. She is currently developing new ideas and prototypes in her new design studio in Torggata, Oslo. Proud member of Fold Oslo.

Her objects are developed intuitively and experimentally, in an aesthetic interaction between the hand and the machine. Her objects is often seen as rarities or unika, where quirky aesthetics is her field of interest. Inspired by the nature and its naturals materials, shapes and forms meet together in new interpretations.


August 2013–juni 2014     Folkeuniversitet Øst                                                  
                Vocational education in sewing and design

August 2014–june 2017    Oslo Metropolitan University                                              
                Bachelor’s degree in Productdesign

August 2017-june 2019     Oslo Metropolitan University                                                
                Master’s degree in Productdesign



August 2014            IKEA, Slependen                                               
                Transformation of the IKEA ”NOLMYRA” chair

August 2016            Oslo City Hall                                         
                Product for the refugee crisis

October 2016           Lillehammer County Hall                                         
                Product competition to the Birkebeiner movie

February 2017        Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair                                                 
                MESH at Oslo and Akershus University College

June 2017                DogA, Oslo                                        
                Bachelor graduation - STØ

February 2018           Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair                                              
                Cone Vase and Auli Lamp - 3D printed products in Norwegian blueclay

June 2019            Pilestredet 52, Oslo Metropolitan University                                    
                  Master graduation - Attåt, innåt and siatå                                  

August 2019           Oslo Design Fair                                       
                Attåt for the exhibition SANSELIG OMSTART curated and styled

                by Per Olav Sølvberg and Tina Hellberg

August 2019           Oslo Design Fair                                       
                Innåt, Siatå and a small table made out of spalted birch for the

                Tendency exhibition curated by Kirsten Visdal

Sep 2019                Håndverk+, Vågå                                       
                Innåt, Attåt, Siatå, Staut and a small table in spalted birch, an

                exhibition in collaboration with fellow designers

Feb 2020                Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair                                   
                Rotben and Uben, with Fold Oslo




Oct 2016- dec 2016    MENT, Fåberg
                Cooperation on color clay palette
11. October 2017        Hjernekraft fra Kjeller, Lillestrøm
               Technology and Innovation Conference

Feb 2018-May 2018   Anderssen & Voll, Oslo

Jan 2018/aug 2018    Oslo Design Fair, Oslo
                Exhibition assistant to Kristine Bjaadal for the tendency exhibtion
20-22 sep 2018          Oslo Metropolitan University
, Pilestredet
                 Lecture and a workshop about prototyping

Aug 2019                    Oslo Design Fair, Oslo               

                  Exhibition assistant to Kirsten Visdal for the tendency exhibtion

© 2016 av Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng.